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Long/Detailed Description: Riot 250R Pro F4 Flight Control Board (FC) features the STM32F405 processor and the MPU-6000 which gives this FC incredible precision and control. Thrust UAV optimized the Riot 250R Pro FC to be hard mounted to the Power Distribution Board (PDB) and connects directly through a light 2″ silicon ribbon cable allowing for a super easy and clean build without the typical tangle of wires you get with other FC boards. The Riot 250R Pro F4 FC comes with SBUS, PPM, and Serial RX connections along with a 3.3 V output for Spektrum and a low-profile hardware boot button. This flight control board has been designed from the ground up and optimized for BetaFlight firmware.

Key Features:

  • STM32F405 (F4) processor
  • MPU-6000 Gyro
  • Quick and easy with no messy wires
  • Integrated SBUS, PPM,and Serial RX connections
  • direct plug and play to Spektrum
  • Optimized and preprogrammed with BetaFlight
  • Pre-tuned with by “Furadi”
  • Made in the USA

Item/SKU Number: THR_2034

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Dimensions 2 x 3 x 2 in

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