Alpha: 5 Inch Carbon Fiber Frame


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Lightweight, Low Drag, High Durability, High Serviceability:

The Alpha Podium Racing Frame is your ticket to the gold standard of racing. Developed, tested and approved by the team of professional pilots at Thrust-UAV.

The pioneering model of the Podium Racing Product Line, the “alpha” version of our Ultra-Light Racer will blow you away.     

-Midplate SMA hole with bottom plate, right angle SMA holder to prevent cable spin.

-Includes a Thrust-UAV nearly indestructible battery strap and TPU camera brackets.

-Includes Brain3d Micro cam mount.

-Includes anti slip adhesive battery pad. 

-Kit now includes 7075 T6 Gold aluminium hardware.


** This frame has only been fitted with Runcam Micro, larger FPV cameras may not fit**

For a Solid ~2min Race Time:

     Recommended Prop: Gemfan Flash 5152
     Battery: 1300-1600mah 4S (Good quality: Panda/Maxamps)
     Frame Weight: 58g
     Arm Thickness: 4.5mm
     Expected Performance: Champagne Showers.

As the world’s fastest growing sport continues to evolve, so does its parts. Our goal at Thrust-UAV is to maintain a backward compatibility with all of our products, but, as progression is a fickle beast, it may not always be possible.

 SKU TUV_2052

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 8 x 1 in
Camera mount color


Kit Includes

Alpha Arm 4
Alpha Battery Pad 2
Alpha Bottom Plate 1
Alpha Mid Plate 1
Alpha Top Plate 1
Micro FPV Cam Mount 40mm 1
Nut M3 Serrated Flange Nut 4
Screw_ M3x12mm 7075 Aluminum Socket Cap Gold 8
Screw_ M3x5 mm 7075 Button Cap Gold 4
Screw_ M3x8 mm 7075 Aluminum Socket Cap Gold 16
Standoff – M3*25mm Black Gnurled Standoff 4
Strap – 8″ Battery (LiPo, individual) 1

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