Thrust-UAV’s Riot 250R Pro


Talk about fit and finish!

A nearly-indestructible poly-carbonate skirt and flight system pod keeps your race drone looking clean and streamlined. The addressable LED system contained inside the skirt has the ability to change colors via software to ensure that other pilots won’t miss this racer as you fly by!

Built in power distribution keeps your drone looking good, without all the messy wires. Includes filtered power for all the necessary systems. RIOT’s Integrated Video transmitter can be adjusted via you radio transmitter, and your on screen display shows critical battery information and frequency.

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Race-ready, Right from the box…

Riot_250_R_ProThe new RIOT 250R Pro from Thrust-UAV an Almost-ready-to-fly race drone, inspired by racers to give the most amazing performance in a ready to go package. Simply add your controls and a FPV goggle, and you’re ready to launch!

highlight-2The RIOT 250R Pro features a 250mm carbon fiber body and is designed to run 5 inch props, giving you the edge on the race course while still being able to carry an HD camera.

An F4 processor keeps the Riot’s integrated flight system ahead of the curve, with the features every racer wants!

The RIOT 250R Pro – Part beauty, all BEAST


  • H Frame with a 250mm wheel base
  • Special attention to CG for X, Y and Z axis
  • Mid mount battery location with high quality battery strap minimizes battery ejections
  • FPV and Flight system protection
  • Reinforced protective undercarriage, additional electronic components and super clean wiring
  • F4 modular integrated flight system and on screen display
  • 52 addressable RGB LEDs; each LED color can be set in software




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