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The Gemfan 5152 is an unexpected surprise from gemfan, combining fluid and aerodynamic design by an actual FPV pilot this propeller is made of a Durable Polycarbonate material that is of the highest quality plastics available in the prop market.

Combining market trend and simulated calculation of FLUENT, Gemfan designers use three dimension modeling software CATIA to design 5152 airfoil and blade style. the most adaptive and matching propeller airfoil and style with motor is a combined result of data iterative analysis on prop surface pressure and speed rate, airfoil curve and thickness adjustment, 2D airfoil optimization, lift force, resistance, torque of 3D model. 5152 high speed propeller perfectly matches motor 2205-2206. The slight but effective improvements can lead to vey different result at the race.

Package Includes 1 Set 2 X CW AND 2 X CCW


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Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 2 x 5 x 1 in


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